Lovice ice cream

Lovice logga vit bakgrund

Lovice is for all ice cream lovers – Swedish premium products with great mouthfeel and taste! Lovice is made of soybean which of course is GMO-free. Lovice is full of flavor but free from lactose, milk, eggs, nuts, gluten. Lovice is fully vegetarian and hence more sustainable, healthy and also certified kosher. We have succeeded with removing the bitter soya flavor that usually remain but we have conducted a natural but innovative soya extraction to get the crucial proteins that makes an ice cream creamy

Here you can find your favorite Lovice – just love it!!


Blåbär 900 Multi    Hallon 900 Multi

Blueberry                                                             Raspberry


Lakrits 900 Multi    Mango 900 Multi

 Locorice Rippel                                                     Mango


NougatChoklad 900 Multi    Vanil 900 Multi

Nougat and Cocoa rippel                                   Vanilla