Kosher certified

Bofoods products are 100 % plant based and suitable for Kosher certification.

Skärmavbild 2014-04-11 kl. 15.15.01The Jewish tradition has strict rules for keeping apart milk and meat, so the dairy free products from Bofood will make life easier for many people. Besides Jews there are many more people that appreciates the Kosher brand because it means the products has been approved by a Rabbi.

Kosher cert 2015

The certificate certifies Bofood Ice cream as kosher, however all consumer products are to this date not labelled kosher.

Kedassia translates somewhat to “by the law” and is one of the highest regarded Kosher-certificates. Besides the total lack of milk, we also exclude the use of grapes, meat and any other ingredient that would interfere with the Kosher status.