Launch of Lovice Vegan Ice Dream

Now, finally, a long-awaited news from Lovice. New Vegan Ice Dream is just like Lovice's other ice cream dairy and gluten 
free ice cream. In addition, the ice cream is provided with Probi's bacterial culture, which is called LP299 v. An ice cream that is both good for the environment and good for the stomach. Vegan Ice Dream comes in the natural Swedish flavors of Vanilla / Blueberries and Vanilla / Lingon.

Making a vegan ice cream is a stand for the environment for Bofood. A large part of the world's greenhouse gas emissions 
come from food production. The main part is from animal production. At the same time, wealth is rising in the world, and in all countries with increased prosperity, you eat more meat, thus increasing greenhouse gas emissions. So eating local vegan ice cram from Karlshamn is a step to affect a big question with own action.

Vegan Ice Dream_-53

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