Lovice ice cream from Swedish soybeans!

We have just launched a very exciting collaboration with Bagershills farm, located at Gårdstånga about 8 km north of Lund, Sweden. The farm will now grow swedish soybeans for the first time and according to ecological principles. We will then make Lovice ice cream from these beans this fall.

The farm is owned by Sture and Christina Christerson since 1959. The farm, which is on 100 hectares, is run by the siblings Nils and Anna Christerson and focuses on grain and oilseeds. They work on the principle of “minimal tillage”, which means that the soil processed 1 time before sowing. The worms that thrive do the rest. In this way, they pull down diesel consumption properly and also reduces environmental impact, they let nature build its own immune system and strength.

Nils explains that a year ago they began growing Öland wheat, which is an old rustic wheat variety that comes from spelled wheat, but unlike spelled it has no hard shell. Öland wheat provides about a third of the harvest to a more modern high-yielding wheat, the so-called dwarf wheat varieties. They are also longer in the straw and become so high that it does not let the light to the ground and thanks to that does not thrive weeds. The product will be both healthier and stronger, which accords well with the farm’s philosophy that nature will do it.

When the grain is harvested and cleaned it will be dried thoroughly with a modern mobile air heater that blows through the grain with pure heated air so the goods will be sound and healthy to store up.
The wheat is then milled in a high speed mill, which produces a flour, that is of high quality, ie, high protein for the skilled baker requirements. The ambition of FORNKORN is to provide consumers with wheat varieties belonging to the old genuine quality varieties from the farm in the vicinity of the consumer, says Nils.

The farm will now for the first time grow soybeans according to ecological principles. Nils explains that soybeans are interesting because they provide a very high protein and the farm also needs legumes in their cropping systems as they fix nitrogen for themselves. An exciting challenge with soybeans is that they are not really made for our climate, which means that we want to have a nice and warm summer.

“We are a family-owned farm and we care about our end customers to give them the best quality and to be able to know where products come from.
We think this is important! ” Nils Christerson. Your can follow Bagershill farm on Facebook.


In the movie you see when the soybean sowing and subsequent weed harrowing. We are now hoping for a really hot summer so that the beans thrive and grow so that we can make Lovice ice cream from Swedish soybeans this fall.


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